Unveiling the Craft: Behind the Scenes of KANGRUU Pyjama Production in Jaipur

Unveiling the Craft: Behind the Scenes of KANGRUU Pyjama Production in Jaipur

When we snuggle into our favourite pair of pyjamas, rarely do we think about the intricate journey these garments undergo before reaching our wardrobes. Making KANGRUU Pyjamas is a meticulous process that involves quite a few steps and a team dedicated to crafting the perfect bedtime attire. We produce them with a dedicated team of tailors in the heart of Rajasthan, in the pink city- Jaipur, India. 

Colours that Embrace Comfort and Safety

Have you ever wondered about the colours adorning your PJs? at KANGRUU, we prioritize safety alongside aesthetics. Our dyeing process exclusively employs Azo Free Colors, complying with EU Standards. This ensures that while you dream, your skin stays safe from harmful chemicals.

Craftsmanship: A Tale of Tailors

Producing a single pyjama involves a careful orchestration of time and skill. Our skilled tailors invest their expertise to create magic, with one tailor capable of fashioning up to six PJs in a day. Their precision and dedication reflect in every stitch, ensuring both quality and efficiency.

Unveiling the Intricate Steps

Ever wondered about the complexity behind a seemingly simple pair of pyjamas? Brace yourself for a journey through 25 to 30 meticulous steps. From pattern creation to the final cotton pouch, each phase, from cut sample to inspection team checks, contributes to the perfection of your sleepwear.

Artistry in Prints: Capturing the Essence

The prints on our pyjamas hold stories and designs that add personality to your loungewear haven. While we don’t currently have photos of the printing process, rest assured that each pattern is crafted with utmost care and creativity.

Crafting Community: Our Team of Artisans

Behind every stitch are individuals dedicated to their craft. Currently comprising around 180 skilled workers (with plans to expand to 400 by January), our production is a testament to the collaboration and expertise of these artisans.

A Personal Touch: From India's Heart

The cotton used in our pajamas finds its origin in West India, where the climate and soil weave together the fabric's quality and softness.

Tailored Solutions for Businesses

For businesses seeking to grace their shelves with our comfortable creations, we offer tailored production options. With a minimum order of 100 per size per color, we ensure flexibility while maintaining the high standards synonymous with our brand.

As we unfold the layers of our production process, it's evident that every stitch and every dye embodies our commitment to quality, comfort, and responsible manufacturing. From the vibrant hues to the skilled hands behind each creation, our pyjamas encapsulate more than just comfort—they carry a story of craftsmanship and dedication.